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Yorkshire Terrier Rescue - Giving a yorkie a second chance

A Yorkie rescue aims to find loving responsible homes for abused, lost and abandoned Yorkshire Terriers. These rescues are usually non-profit organisations, but do however ask for donations to be able to continue operating.

Yorkies get abandoned for a variety of reasons. Due to the increasing popularity of Yorkshire terriers there are many breeders popping up all over the place. Sometimes not all yorkies find a home and are put up for adoption.

In other cases families can no longer look after their yorkie and have to give him up.

In extreme cases Yorkie rescues need to step in and take the yorkie if they find out that the animal is being mistreated by its owners.

Sadly, there are also times when yorkies are found both lost or abandoned.

In all of the above scenarios Yorkshire terrier rescues will take the yorkie in question to a safe place where they will be taken care of and they also try to provide them with proper food, shelter and possible medical facilities too. This is where they will stay until the rescue center can find it the right home.

Many rescue centers advise training a Yorkshire terrier when you adopt him. You will find that many younger yorkies are not yet trained and older yorkies, even though trained already, will enjoy the bonding.

Have a look at the following training pages for information:

Housetraining yorkshire terriers

Housebreaking yorkshire terriers

Crate Training

Leash Training

All of these training procedures will be extremely useful and are, in most cases, recommended.

To contact your local rescue center get in touch with your veterinarian and he will be able to give you the relevent details.

Remember Rescue Centers are mostly volunteer organisations and are not trying to make profit. They are concerned with finding the right home for each dog.

Read about Adopting a Yorkie

Read about the advantages of adopting a yorkie

Visit the Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue website or alternatively you can check out this website which I have just come across United Yorkie Rescue.

Have you Rescued a Yorkie from a Lonely Life?

Hi everyone! Did you rescue your yorkie from a lonely life? Did you decide that adopting a yorkie was a better idea for you than buying one straight out? Tell us about the adoption process, was it a complicated thing to do, or did you find that it was straightfoward? Did your yorkie have trouble adjusting when you got him home, and let us know about training your new yorkie. Was it hard?

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