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So, you are looking for perfect yorkshire terrier names for your pup!! We have compiled a list of perfect names for Yorkshire terriers.

Well, we think these names are perfect for yorkies! If you have any other yorkie names that you think would work, but we have left out please feel free to send them in.

Now, before choosing a name for your Yorkshire terrier please take into consideration the fact that this is a name which you will use on average between 30,000 and 35,000 times.

So, please make sure that it is not very complicated to say or that it will not embarrass you in any way when you need to call your Yorkshire terrier in a public place.

There are many things that could be taken into consideration when naming you pup. If you are unsure of what these are, take a look at our friendly advice on choosing a yorkies puppy name.

If, however, you feel that you are ready to choose a name then take a look. To make the search easier for you we have split the lists into male dog names and female dog names.

Once you have found the one name that describes your yorkie, why not buy him/her a Personalized Dog Bowl! I bought one for Harry and had it waiting for him when we finally brought him home :)

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Zoey Bella 
My yorkie's name is Zoey Bella I chose this name because she is just a little sassy Bella!! She is so loveable...

My yorky name is Happy 
While im writing my tears are dropping,,i lost my Happy on friday night she was just 15 months she was crashed by a car ,,im extremely sad i cant find …

when he was only 2 months old, i bought him from a pet shop. i named him buttons because even for a yorkie, he's a very small dog, as small as a few buttons! …

My Yorkie is - Pixie 
My wee Pixie is coming 8 years old during June 2011. Pixie has gave birth to two litters of pups, and from her second litter, we kept a pup, named Poppy. …

Yorkie Names - Toodles and Noodles 
My son and girlfriend own a yorkie named "Toodles" We are planning on having "Noodles" or Cheerio! Still thinking for a name for our new yorkshire …

My Yorkie - Rain 
My name is storm...and we are family so I wouldn't be complete with out my yorkie Rain!

My Yorkie - Duncan 
We also call him dink, dunk, dunk-a-roo, and roo and many more. When I get my next yorkie he will be named Louis

My Yorkie is named - Buster {nicknames; butter and butt butt} 
When I went to go pick out my yorkie, one little cutie crawled over 6 other little ones to get to me. So I decided to call him Buster. But the one …

Yorkie Names - Tucker James and Sadie Rae 
I love Yorkies they are so loving. I just bought another one and I am having a hard time naming here.

Yorkie Name - Tasha 
Well my yorkie is just sooooo cute. I called her Tasha because it really suits her personality. My nan says that when you get to know your yorkie …

Yorkie Name - Summer 
It was in the summer and my children wanted a dog really badly so we went to the adoption center. There were many dogs but my kids fell in love with …

My yorkie is called Izzie 
My yorkie was named after Izzie on Grays Anatomy and we just love her so much. Bless her little heart!

My yorkies name is TinkerBell 
My Yorkie Is Very Small And My Niece Is A Big Fairy Fan And She Mentioned The Name TinkerBell And It Fit perfectly!

My Yorkie is named Princess 
I've always loved princesses. Whether it's a story, song, joke, ANYTHING! I just love the name and the thought of princesses. So one day, (For …

My Yorkie pup - Alfie 
I think Alfie is the perfect yorkie toy dog name! We were gonna call our Yorkie Sammy but strangely enough our neighbor bought a Bichon Frise called …

My Yorkies Name is Bentley 
Bentley was born In Jan. 2010.. I bought him this pas July 2010.. He is so good! Love him to death! Indiana

Yorkie Name - Benza 
This yorkie name means number one, the one and only because he is my number one ..... and he's so cute!

Yorkie Names - charlie 
I'm getting a yorkie and we are either namin it charle from "charlie bit me it really hurt or grace because the gal we r buyin it froms middle name is …

Yorkie name - Bailey 
I want a yorkie so bad and I want to name him/her baylie! I just fell in love with that name!

My yorkies name is Odey  
Odey just sounded cute and we visited him every week till we were able to finally bring him home. By that time, he already knew his name well! And its …

We bought our yorkie, Jada, when she was 4 years old and her owner could no longer take care of her. She's been a great pet, and is like our child. …

Diva September Lewis 
Im a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and we call and carry ourselves as Divas so I want my yorkie to do the same. I got her as a bday gift to …

Mitzi seems to love her name. We have had her since she was about 8 weeks old, and she is now 2 years. Whenever she hears her name, Her ears shoot …

my yorkies name is - Bentley 
We just got Bentley about 5 weeks ago.. He is doing very well with his new family... I love that he sits on my lap all the time n follows me around …

Since Yorkies are very fashionable i would say, Diamond is the perfect name! Diamond shows that they are totally expensive dogs.

My brother was wearing a nike(the shoe company) tee shirt and as a first time dog owner i expected my puppy to chew on shoes(i like only wear nikes) and …

Teddy Bear 
I got Teddy Bear from the SPCA

Good day, I bought a Yorkie puppy 3 weeks ago, I named her Niki - after my deceased daughter Chanique. We used to call her Niki. The puppies eyes …

mily Not rated yet
i love her so much she had pups five weeks ago by complete suprise! horrible birth i was so so scared of losing her but all the doing amzing and five weeks …

Chester Not rated yet
Chester is 7 months old and he is absolutely amazing. I think he is a cross between a dog, cat and mountain goat because he has all their abilities. Everything …

Chuche Not rated yet
I Was Walking Home and saw a open dog park ad saw 2 twin Yorkshire playing and i decided the next day to adopt one and that same day i was giving a amazing …

stella rose Not rated yet
My yorkie is named stella,my bfs mom named her and rose comes from my childhood dogs name because they act exactly the same.shes very spoiled. I do tend …

macho Not rated yet
very loving and sweet but he lives up to his name ..nobody can touch or come near him except us...would always sat on moms lap and sleep with me or dad …

Max is our Yorkie Not rated yet
Our Yorkie was named by my husband who is deaf and terminally ill. Max is a Hearing Service Dog who assists mostly my 91 year old mother now that …

Yorkie Name - Paris Not rated yet
We found her in a skip poor thing and we were in Paris. So it was pretty easy to think of a name for our yorkie.

Our yorkie is called Gabriel Not rated yet
my mom bought him off of someone she works with. :) he is the most lovable and attention loving animal we've ever had. i love him.

Romeo is his name Not rated yet
I named him that cause everybody that sees him falls in love,although i've thought about adding chewy to his name cause he luv's to chew!

Baxter Bax Baximus :) Not rated yet
I was in college and watching Anchorman with Will Ferrel. The part where he is talking to Baxter made me laugh uncontrollably. The next week I went out …

My yorkie Sookie Not rated yet
My yorkies 1 year old and when I bought her I couldn't decide on a name so asked could I name her after her mum and I did.

Braxton- our boy and Mimi- our girl yorkie Not rated yet
My daughter picked the name Braxton..I also call him brac-brac, bubby, and boobala Mimi is our lil princess & boss of the house

My Yorkies - Handsome , Missy, & Thier puppy Simba (lil' Prince) Not rated yet
I have three yorkies, Handsome , Missy , & Simba, he is the prodigy of Handsome:) They are my babies, literally. I don't have kids and I am single woman, …

Nacho; Elvis and Kojack Not rated yet
We have 3 Yorkies Actually Nacho, our first is a Skye Terrier - looks much like a Yorkie, just a bit different. He is 11 years old. He is THE BOSS. Hard …

My Yorkie is called Gabby Not rated yet
We named our Yorkie Gabryella and we call her Gabby for short. She goes everywhere with us, either in her carry bag or her stroller, depending on where …

My yorkies name is Brady Not rated yet
I love my boy yorkie name. I named him Brady and it totally fits him:)

Yorkie Names - Tammy Not rated yet
I will get my Yorkie on Valentines Day. Her name is Teddy Bear, that seems to masculine. I am hoping I will be able to get her to respond to Tammy. …

LucyStar118 - No Yorkie yet :( Not rated yet
I dont have a yorkie but I am really stuck on what to call my dog when i get one for my birthday on 27 of feb can anyone help me?

My Yorkie - Mushu Not rated yet
I got my yorkies name from disney movie mulan,mushu the little dragon

My Yorkies Name is Tugs Not rated yet
My yorkie Tugs will be 1 year old in April 2011 and was bought for me to comfort me from losing my last yorkie "Jack" love them both

Yorkie Names - Cinnamom, Nutmeg, Sophie Not rated yet
I don't have a dog, but I want one so bad. If i could get a dog it would definately be a yorkie. I like these yorkie names because they're cute and …

Yorkie Names - Noah and Finn :) Not rated yet
Our Yorkies' names are Noah and Finn. Didn't know this at the time but...the two characters from "The Notebook"!

Yorkie name - Elsa Not rated yet
Our Yorkie is called Elsa. The name of the lioness in Born Free :)

Cute Yorkie name - ACORN! Not rated yet
Our baby boy's name is Acorn cute right?

Yorkie Name - Jimmy (Sir James Quigley Wilson of Yorkshire) Not rated yet
My son (38) and DIL (28) were here from LA a week after I got Jimmy. He was named Duke (didn't like it). I kept throwing out names. Quigley was …

Yorkie on a Sunday Not rated yet
It was a warm spring morning. My daughter wanted a small dog. We went to a local dog shelter. We looked all around and but my daughter saw a small …

My yorkie Dakoda Not rated yet
I just got my male yorkie this Christmas(2010). He's the cutest thing ever! I was thinking of a name for him, when my little brother said that the …

My Yorkie Tucker Not rated yet
I got my Yorkie for Christmas. He was born October 2010. He is just so cute and adorable. Tucker fits him PERFECT!!

My Yorkies name is february Not rated yet
Seeing that we lost our 1st yorkie ,bless, to some theives february was a gift from my husband. He was my valentines day present he came so cute tied …

Yorkie Name - Raindrop Not rated yet
She was the littlest yorkie of the litter and so precious. She was like a drop of Rain. So she was named, "Raindrop" !

Yorkie Name - Polly Not rated yet
I named my yorkie polly because she is as little as the polly pocket miniature dolls. I am getting another yorkie and I will name her shani to continue …

My Yorkipoo Tuffy Not rated yet
Tuffy is a yorkie and half poodle.She is a girl as you know I used a she for the begining of the 2 sentence. Tuffy runs so cute, she bites when you …

My little yorkies name is Autumn Not rated yet
Our yorkie is not with us yet because she is still too small to come home. I will have her in about 3 weeks. At this point in time she is 1.2lbs.

Prince Reggie Bush  Not rated yet
prince reggie bush love to play wit my big dogs and love to cubble wit people and love to play and eat. Prince Reggie Bush is 1 years old and his Birthday …

My Yorkies name is Gretchen Noel Not rated yet
I have always thought that Gretchen was a cute name. I just had never had anyone or anypup that it suited. We got our yorkie Gretchen during the holidays, …

Yorkie name - Smarty  Not rated yet
My yorkie Smarty is awesome! I tried to get up and she still wanted to stay on my lap she is so cute and she is the only 1 that is that i know of but smarty …

My Yorkies name is Security Not rated yet
Very funny. When my friend comes to the house I yell Security!!! and this little yorkie dog runs to the rescue. Editors note: LOL! I love that!!!

Yorkie Names - ENZO Not rated yet
Enzo is the male Yorkie we got to be partners with Diva. Who now have Rocco,Romeo,Valentina, and Gia (aka little-bit). Our lives will never be the same …

My Yorkie Brutis Not rated yet
Brutis was one of 4 puppies in my female yorkie's litter. He was the biggest puppy. I call him Bru for short.

Yorkie Names - Pebbles Not rated yet
We think it is a cute and fun yorkie name from the Flintstones, and will be really good when her hair gets long enough for a top knot. The kids wanted …

Yorkie Name - Buttons Not rated yet
Just bought her. She is 7 weeks old. Very pretty and lovable. I have always wanted a Yorkie and I finally have one. She is very small.

Yorkie Name - Zoe Not rated yet
My yorkie Zoe is a 6 mth old Taurus girl and a sweetie though can be a bit stubborn at times but always does what she is told. She is very sociable …

Yorkie Name - AP aka Al Pacino Not rated yet
My yorkies name comes about because I'm a huge Scarface fan and even bigger Al Pacino fan! Editors Note: Just had to say I love Scarface toooooo! …

Yorkie Names - Cecila or Harlow Not rated yet
right now i have a lil boy yorkie named bentley but if i did get a girl i would either name her Cecila or Harlow. :)

My yorkie is called Potter Not rated yet
At the time I got my yorkie I was and still am into Harry Potter movies so hence the name.

Yorkie Name - ZuZu  Not rated yet
I bought my yorkie and right away he looked like a zuzu! He's only going to be 3months, he's a baby and we love him very much..xxoo

Our Yorkie Names are isabella button and leonardo da dog Not rated yet
My baby yorkies are Isabella Button and Leonardo da Dog-- Izzy is cute as a button and Leo needed a big name!

My Yorkies name is Fritz Not rated yet
Our children when they were little watched a movie and one of the characters' name was Fritz . They thought he was funny and really enjoyed the movie. …

Yorkie Names - Chanel Not rated yet
When I got my puppy, it started licking my chanel no.5 perfume off my wrist and I thought that was soo cute! She still does that today. . .

Yorkie name - Thomas Not rated yet
I looked at my yorkie and said....Thomas! At first I looked up hamster names and saved them in my phone. Then when I went to find a name for my …

My Yorkies name is Bella Not rated yet
My yorkie is 3 lbs and she will be two years old. She was given to me because the owner had a baby and he is starting to walk and she was afraid that …

Yorkie name - Hula Hina Not rated yet
My yorkie's name is Hula Hina after the Hawaiian mythology godess Hina. The Hawaiian people would dance the hula in her honor. She is the godess …

Yorkie Name - Mia-Belle Lucy Not rated yet
Mia - because i liked it. Belle- once again i liked it but already had a middle name Lucy-others in the family wanted it.. When u say it all with …

Yorkie Name - Daisey May Not rated yet
I just think its a cute name!

Yorkie Names - Dynasty Labelle Paris Phillip Thomas  Not rated yet
This is my yorkie Dynasty and she has been on here before but these are some most recent pics. Hope you like because she loves to model. She's a …

Daisy  Not rated yet
Me and my husband recently moved to Germany, because he got stationed here. We found a little yorkie here name is Daisy the breeder was selling her, …

Yorkie names - Hazelnut Not rated yet
I have two cats (they will be 7 in Dec 2010) and well their names are: Peanut & Pistachio (sister & brother). I wanted a name that went well with those …

My Yorkies Name is - Beary Not rated yet
Because he looks just like a bear...

Yorkie Name - Lady Not rated yet
My Aunty called her yorkie Lady because shes a proper lady, she acts like a princess and is very polite :)

My Yorkie - Stitch Not rated yet
He is around 3 months old and has been with us 1 week only. He has travelled by train all the way from Surabaya to Jakarta (Indonesia). We name him …

My Yorkshire Terriers Name is Duffy Not rated yet
My Yorkie just looked like a Duffy. Adorable and scrappy little guy! :)

Yorkie Name - Ralphie Not rated yet
My yorkie is named after the boy in the movie "A Christmas Story."

Yorkie Names - our little miss kalsu Not rated yet
We call her kali for short, she is named for the base in iraq that my husband is at. For the past 17 years i had shetland sheepdogs, and absolutely …

My Yorkie Name - BamBam Not rated yet
When I was a kid I had a Silky Terrier, Fiest mix. We had a male and a female her name was Pebbles and his was Bam Bam I always liked that name.

Yorkie Name - ROCCO Not rated yet
I only had my yorkie for a month until I had to put him down due to a liver shunt . He was the best dog ever and we miss him dearly!

Butterscotch Not rated yet
My best friend has a Shorkie (a shih tzu crossed with a yorkshire terrier) called Flapjack, and when I was about to get my miniature yorkshire terrier, …

I first had a little yorkie named crickett....and when I ended up with a second yorkie, I named him Jiminy....So I had Jiminy Crickett :)

Damian Not rated yet
I may be getting a Yorkie and would love to name him Damian or Sammii:)

Elle Not rated yet
My friend, Eleanor, recently passed away after falling down a dis-used mining hole in Cornwell. I thought it would be a nice thought to name my yorkie …

Bono Not rated yet
Just like Bono from U2

Jurgen -- the German name pronounced Yurgen Not rated yet
I named my yorkie after Jurgen Schneider the dancer and coach to Baryshnikov. He is in the movie "The Turning Point". I took ballet master classes …

Gizmo Not rated yet
I had a yorkie named Gizmo for about a week and then unknowlingly he died from a liver problem that we were unaware of. ):

mia Not rated yet
I have not got my baby yorkie but when i do she will be mia and shes gonna be a princess!

Spencer Not rated yet
No story really, knew my yorkies name the moment I saw him! It just popped into my head, and it fits!

SUKI Not rated yet
Our brand new baby is named Suki. It fits her spunky little personality so well.

Khloe Bear Not rated yet
My yorkie loves the name and responds to it... she has that Teddy Bear look when you call her name.

kibbles Not rated yet
So my mother and i were waiting in a store for the breeder to bring us our yorkie. As we waited I told my mother we should name her kibbles. My mother …

Mr.Biggs Not rated yet
I named my yorkie Mr. Biggs,he's the exact opposite in size of course but he makes up for it with his big personality....people always love his name.

Sadie Not rated yet
We named our yorkie 'Mercedes Coco Diamonds'...Sadie for short. Coco - for Coco Chanel and Diamonds because, they ARE a girls best friend. She …

Asti Not rated yet
My first yorkie was named Asti after my favorite champagne. She was a very sweet yorkie that would curl up with me anytime I sat down. She was …

Toto Not rated yet
I named my yorkie Toto because she looks exactly like todo from the wizard of oz.

Bella Not rated yet
Adopted from the NAFA. 4 years old.

lola Not rated yet
to say the truh i had to choose beetween yorki and shih tzu and i defenetly had to pick a yorki it is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cuter

Darien Not rated yet
It's my yorkie's name. The name is Greek and my dog loves it

Gemini Not rated yet
I called my dog Gemini (Gemi) for short because she was born on June 19 which coincidentally is my birthday also.

Dolce Not rated yet
My yorkies name is Dolce & my best friends Yorkie is called Gabanna. Sweet!(:

Jules Not rated yet
A bookshop near our house had a male yorkie named Romeo, we adored him and we decided that if we ever bought a dog it would be a yorkie. So a few …

Cookie Not rated yet
Our Yorkie's name is Cookie and she is our first baby girl. :)

Gucci Not rated yet
Gucci is my Yorkies name. He responds to it well...o n it can be used for both male and female yorkies.

Macy Gray Not rated yet
I had my sweet Yorkie named Macy for about 6 years before I met my husband whose last name is Gray. We got married last year so now we have Macy Gray!!!!!! …

Yoko Not rated yet
My little Girl will do anything for a snack

Meisha Not rated yet
My sweetie!

Coco Chanel Not rated yet
I named my yorkie Coco Chanel (Coco for short) because I love the designer. I also watched the Movie and they have a song about a dog named Coco lost in …

Macy - Yorkie girl name Not rated yet
I don't know why I named Macy Macy, but I guess she just looked like one! =D

My yorkies name is - MILEY Not rated yet
We decided to call our yorkie Miley because of my daughter. She likes the Hannah Montana show!!!

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