Yorkshire Terrier Breeders

The decision to buy a dog must first be met with finding good Yorkshire Terrier breeders. There are many breeders all over the world and as with most things some are good and some not so good. Your aim should be to find one of those breeders who is good, but if possible, one that is excellent.

Yorkshire Terriers are fast becoming one of the most popular breeds in the world and that means that more of them are being bred every year aswell. So, in whatever country you are there is a good chance that there is a breeder close by. This breeder however, may not be the one you eventually buy your Yorkie from.

When visiting a breeder it is important to be aware of what is going on around you. Look at all the dogs you see, do they appear healthy and happy? Do they shy away from visitors and get intimidated by their owners?

These are all vital questions that you must ask yourself. A good breeder will look after their dogs, they will make sure that the dogs health is up to standard and that all the dogs are happy. Good puppy breeders will have dogs that are excited to see strangers and who are lusting after the attention of their owner.

Once you have checked out the health and well being of the dogs around you it is then time to think of what questions to ask the breeder. Remember not to be afraid of asking questions that you may feel are 'stupid' or 'silly', at the end of the day the breeder is there to supply you with as much information as you feel relevant.

A good question to ask is to see the living conditions of the dogs, is it clean, how often is it cleaned? Also asking about the dogs nutrition and eating habits is important. A good breeder will feed its puppies a good dog food, they won't be satisifed with any old brand, afterall if they have the best interests of their dogs in mind they will want them to be healthy and strong.

Many breeders, be it Yorkshire Terrier breeders or puppy breeders in general will want their dogs to go to homes that they feel will give plenty of love and affection to their new found companion. If you come across a breeder like this do not be surprised if they too have some questions, afterall they will not want one of their dogs living in an environment that they do not see fit.

If you are looking to buy a puppy that is of a pedigree standard then ask the breeder for this information. Many Yorkshire Terrier breeders will have plenty of information on their dogs pedigree, if they do not have any pedigree dogs then they might be able to point you in the right direction. Remember, a dogs pedigree is simply a statement made by the breeder about the dogs bloodline.

Usually this statement will contain the names of past generations, the puppies ancestry, date of birth, his breed, his sex and the names of his sire and dam. Dogs that have past purebred champions in their background have valuable pedigree papers because it will mean that he has good breeding behind him.

So, when visiting Yorkshire Terrier breeders remember to ask plenty of questions, look at your surroundings, watch the behaviour of the dogs you see and be prepared for the breeder to ask you plenty of questions aswell. Good Yorkshire Terrier breeders will supply plenty of information, will look after the dogs, will ask you many questions and will have the best interest of his dogs in mind, not his wallet!

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