Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Exercise

Yorkies in general do not need much exercise, therefore a Yorkshire terrier puppy exercise requirements are not much at all.

However, is it enough to just feed them properly and give them occasional walks? What are the benefits of exercise to our yorkies?

All dogs need exercise

Studies as well as experience have shown that dogs who are getting adequate exercise are healthier and happier.

They are also more social when they are in public places. When dogs are given regular exercise, they are more calm at home and are less restless when left alone.

However, just like feeding, choosing the right amount of exercise for your dog depends on several factors. These factors are age, size, and type of breed.

Even though a yorkie pup will not require much exercise, a Yorkshire terrier Puppy requires daily exercise for proper muscle development.

Their high energy levels will also need to be released in some form of constructive activity, and giving them their daily exercise is the best way to do it. Their daily exercise can be in the form of fun games played in your garden, not necessarily going for long walks.

Not being able to release their pent-up energy can lead to destructive behaviour such as chewing or digging.

As your yorkie matures and ages they will need less exercise because of their lower energy levels.

However, I think you will know when your yorkie will need to take it a bit easier.

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