Yorkies and other dogs

by Chelsea
(Kettering, ohio)


Do Yorkies do well with other big dogs?


In our experience with Harry, they will get along just fine. When we brought Harry into our home he met Tasha (our lab) and they hit it off with no problems.

In our experience with Harry we also have realised that he does require that most of the attention be on him, if not he does get jealous of Tasha. But it works because our Tash does not need as much attention.

Generally there should be no problems with yorkies and other dogs, they are very smart and sociable dogs :)

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Has anyone else had any experiences with yorkies and larger dog breeds? We would love to hear from you...

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Aug 23, 2011
Munchkin and Kaiya
by: Anonymous

I have a yorkie and an Akita. The Akita was was with us first then we got the yorkie. It is sooo cute to see them playing together. Muchkin (the yorkie) uses Kaiya as a step stool to get on the couch, and she also curls right up on her back and chews her bone and yes they are both female.

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