Yorkies and children


Do Yorkies make good pets for a 7 year old and almost 13 year old who move every 2 years or so?


In my opinion and experience I have found that yorkshire terriers are not the best breed for children.

In the first place children are clumsy and may easily hurt a yorkie. Although having said this a 7 yr old and a 13 year old could be fine becuase they are older and could be taught how to handle such a small dog.

A yorkie might also not be the best breed in this case due to the constant moving. They might feel very stressed at the constant moving...

I have not had any experiencing on the moving to be honest, our yorkie has always lived in the same house, if anyone else has had any experience on moving house with a yorkie I would love to hear about it...Just comment to let us know how it went for you...

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Dec 19, 2010
yorkies and children
by: Anonymous

hi our yorkie is 15 years ..old and we have 3 children there has never been a problem even with a house full friends.

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