yorkie skin on her belly has turned dark.



My yorkie is 6 years old and I have noticed that her skin on her belly has turned dark.

Has anyone else noticed this on their Yorkie?



A yorkies belly turning dark could be a sign of allergies or a yeast infection.

I would suggest asking a vet or taking her in to see a vet.

This has never happened to our Harry and I have never heard of it from any other readers.

I would definately make sure by taking her in for a quick check.

Does anyone else have any experience they can share on the subject?

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Jan 02, 2012
belly turning dark
by: Anonymous

2 years ago my 13 yr old yorkies belly turned dark. i took her to the vet but they weren't worried about it. although she does do alot of biting and scratching herself constantly. the vet said she had fleas but she doesn't.

Mar 15, 2013
Daughters Yorkie
by: Anonymous

I believe my daughters Yorkie is 5-6 years old and he has dark spots under his front legs, like our under arm. He also has very bad flaking of skin and rashes, iching, scratching. She has taken him to the vet so much they are not doing anything to help cure or stop the madness. They have put in on and off medication but, now tell her that he could be damaged if they continue the fungal medication any longer and he has gotten a bit worse without it. HELP!!!

It is like he has a fungal or Psarosis with bad order and it is really bad. She feeds him a 14.00 dog food in 5lbs bag called FROMM 4/star food is this really the best or should she try dinovite...or what home Remedies could you offer to help my Grand dog.

If you can help me help them and my grand dog I would love to hear what your remedies are.

Signed worried
Grand Pa

Mar 16, 2013
dark belly skin
by: Anonymous

my male almost 2 yr old yorkie's stomach turned darker about 8 mos ago. he was originally believed to be an allery dog. but has outgrown it. i feed him ultra small adult breed dry food along with real organic chicken 3 times a day. i grill him his chicken every day. he is doing great. he loves blueberries, bananas, carrots, green bell peppers, potatoes, rice.

Oct 02, 2015
A good medicated shampoo for tender skin
by: Anonymous

Pet Meds has a good medicated shampoo for a yorkie's delicate skin...Malaseb Shampoo

Oct 19, 2015
Aloe Vera
by: Melanie

I have just come across some great products for pets, they are Forever Living Products. The Jojoba shampoo is fantastic and 100% natural :) I have started using all the products for my family and there are certain ones that are great for dogs. Here is a link you can buy from: Forever Living
Oh and the shampoo is also a great flea deterrent :)

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