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Hi im buying a male yorkie from a co - worker of mine he's 11months and I wanted to know will he have seperation axntiety since he's been with her all this time or will it be easy for him to adjust?


Yorkshire terriers are known for suffering from seperation anxiety, possibly more than some other breeds.

With regards to the yorkie in question it would depend on his individual character. I would suggest speaking to your co-worker before buying him as they will know the pup better than anyone. Find out more about him and his character and you might be able to guess how easy or difficult the puppy will find this move.

If you buy him and he shows signs of any destructive behaviour or any behavioural problems which were not in existence when with your co-worker, it will be very important for you to remain patient and always try to reassure him that he is with you to stay.

When he behaves always reward good behaviour with a treat or a kind word.

However, this may not even happen, as mentioned previously it will all depend on the yorkies character. He may be the best behaved little sweetheart when you take him to your house :)

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