Yorkie Name - Jimmy (Sir James Quigley Wilson of Yorkshire)

by Jeanne
(Peoria, Arizona)

My son (38) and DIL (28) were here from LA a week after I got Jimmy.

He was named Duke (didn't like it).

I kept throwing out names. Quigley was one then I threw out Wilson. My son says, " like Jim Wilson from House (the tv show)".

Then he says, "Jim". I said "I am not naming my dog Jim!". We messed around with funny names including the Jim name, just to be funny.

For the next few days they both kept calling him Jim and he started to respond. Twice I yelled at him and slipped and called him Jimmy. Of course that brought on unconrollable laughter by everyone.

Right before they were getting ready to leave my neices boyfriend was holding the dog and said, "I thought you weren't naming him Jim"?

I said, " I'm not calling my dog Jim"! He replied," Then why does his tag say Jim"?

I looked and sure enough my son and DIL went and got him a new tag that said Jim on it. (They were hoping I didn't see it until they had left to go home, laughing all the way)!

I looked at the tag and sure enough it said Jim. I exclaimed" well, I guess my dog's name is Jim".

Everyone was laughing hysterically. My dog's name is Jim although I call him Jimmy or lil one most of the time, and it fits him!

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