Yorkie Jealousy Problems

by Suzanne
(Bayonet Point, Fl )

We think it is a jealousy problem.

My little Yorkie (and I do mean little, she is 2 1/2 lbs)tries to bite my daughters Pug.

At first they were the best of friends then I had to go to the hospital. I was there for about 5 weeks. My daughter kept my Yorkie with her 4 pugs.

All of a sudden when I came home my Yorkie would go after just the one Pug.

Yesterday I took her to a Halloween Party at Petco, and she kept growling at my daughters dog and almost bit a little girl.

I have ten Grandchildren and several of them are little tots and I am afraid she is going to bite one of them.

She is in a class now for dog obedience training and doing very well, but I am still afraid she will hurt someone badly.

How can I break my yorkshire terrier of this terrible problem?

Any help will be much appreciated.

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Jul 05, 2011
Watch Behavior
by: Anonymous

Something to watch out for, is the other dog instigating a fight. Constantly pushing your Yorkie out of the way, stepping on him/her, snatching your Yorkies toys and treats?

Believe it or not, if this is a new behavior and only happens around this pug, I would watch the pug and hopefully you are not blaming the wrong dog.

Yorkies have reasons for this type of behavior change, if this behavior happens with all dogs, make sure you are not giving your Yorkie "rewarding" attention (yelling, picking up, etc...)

Tap on the nose will usually stop a situation before it starts (don't hit, just tap) and make sure you are getting both dogs. It takes two to tango.

Sep 06, 2011
biting her pup????
by: zoe

my yorkshire terrier bitch has just had her first pup, the trouble is when i go to check the pup to weigh her or look at her the bitch becomes jelous so when i put the pup down she rough with it and bites it????? what does this mean?????

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