Yorkie healthy eating

by Jeani M
(west palm beach,florida)

My 3 yr young, 6 lb female, yorkie has a lot of digestive and healthy eating problems..she goes 1 1/2 to 2 days too often w/out eating...she sticks her nose up at everything-

I've even made her homemade dog food ( ground turkey w/ rice and little bit of carrots n' corn all ground up...or fresh ground sirloin...fresh boiled chicken...)

I finally got her to eat the fresh boiled chicken....i worry about parasites-she throws up way too often-usually the white or yellow foamy bile...sometimes it's brown!!

That's scary-Im out of work, so I cant keep supporting the rich vets...

My girl gets plenty of exercise-we are constantly jogging...so she should have a healthy appetite...

Does any one have similar problems & or any good suggestions for getting her on track to more healthy eating habits-

Ive heard this chronic vomiting of foamy bile is common in the yorkie breed- I think it has to do with a problem w/ their pancreas-

Can anybody help me-she is more precious than life to me...

I also have her on both advantage multi for heartworm prevention monthly and 2 weeks later she gets frontline plus for flea & tick prevention...

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Apr 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

You might try some honey it could do the trick.When my yorkie was small she got sick she had cough my vet said to use honey because it soothes the throat.Good luck

Jun 23, 2011
Read this, I went thru the same!!!
by: Anonymous

Hey there,

This sounds like my Bentley. He's doing much better now.

His vet did a bile acids testand another test and determined he has a liver condition that goes hand in hand with severe digestive problems.

He was very finicky and always threw up. They gave me meds, one is just an antobiotic. His food was changed to Prescription Diet I.d. From the makers of Science Diet.

Its very low protein turns out.. All the yummy protein food (turkey &chicken) I was using to get him to eat was destroying him. He doesn't digest protein like other dogs.

Everything you described sounds so much like what I went thru. Please go to ur vet and specifically tell them u want to check her liver and kidney.

Cause u know she has digestive issues and u think she may need to change her diet. Regular blood work doesn't show these conditons. Also have her stool checked to rule out worms. She will be ok with the proper care. ;)

P.s If you live in NYC my vet is The Animal Medical Center, place has.9 floors!! It's unbelievable.

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