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Natural Ways To Calm The Overexcited & Stressed Out Yorkie

Does your yorkshire terrier seem to become anxious and extremely fearful for no apparent reason at all?

You have probably researched and read a lot about dog psychology and behavior issues that result from aggression or fear, however, sometimes the problem is not as complicated is we make it out to be.

Dog anxiety and fear are not necessarily the result of behavior problems or lack of dog training. Oftentimes your yorkie’s health can get better with less stress levels simply by using natural therapy. Many dogs like this also have a tough time sleeping at night due to their anxiety.

Here are a few tips that you can try to use in order to improve yorkie health:

1. Try feeding your dog any food that has wheat in it. Reports have shown that the byproducts from digesting wheat can help act on certain centers of your dog’s brain which helps make him feel calm.

2. Another way to activate the calming function of your dog's brain is to feed him warm milk with a little bit of natural honey. Add a dog biscuit to the mix and you have a great meal that is a healthy and natural way for your dog to relieve his stress and fear.

3. There is a natural herb called kava which can be found in most health food stores. Try adding a few drops of this herb to your dog's water bowl. Kava has a natural relaxation-inducing effect and is perfectly healthy for your dog to ingest. It can also be purchased as a dry herb which can be added to your dog's food. Please do not use more than the recommended dosage that comes with the package.

4. Since we are on the subject of natural food in order to help relieve your dog's stress and anxiety, simply give your dog small snacks to nibble on during the day instead of one or two big meals. Research has shown that nibbling on food in very small amounts can also create a calming effect on both animals and humans.

5. Last but not least, there is another supplement that is very similar to Kava. It is called Bach's Rescue Remedy and can be found in most health food stores. Dosages vary but of course make sure to read the label for accurate amounts to feed your Yorkshire terrier. We suggest that you opt for the liquid form of Bach's that does not contain alcohol and simply add it to your dog’s water bowl.

Yorkie health is dependant on many things, however just like us, stress and anxiety plays a huge part on how healthy they are. Even though a dogs life may not seem very stressful it can be. Please take care of your yorkie, both body and mind, by taking these simple steps.

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