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Yorkie has Dry Skin

by Gina


My 2 year 9 month old Yorkie has very dry skin, it looks almost like dandruff, specially at his neck and by the tail, the rest of the body few parts are well, the rest by his stomach and arm pits is very dry,we have made several trips to the vet's office.

First he was diagnosed with allergy to the saliva of the flees and after that they included dog food allergies, his food now is "LIFE ABUNDANCE".

Then I had to make to hard choice to put him on "CONFORTIS" which is a pill I give him once a month, I hate to do this, but his life and mine were miserable, all my efforts didn't work.

I contacted the company "TERMIEX" they come 3 or 4 times and I continued to have the problem, so they give up and promise to refund my money, over a month ago, still waiting for it.

We try all things possible on the natural non chemicals products but nothing really helped.

He started to loose even hair, his life. He is doing some what better, but he has extremely dry skin. any suggestions? they will be much appreciated .

Forgot to tell you that every day he gets small red spots like small pimples with out the white tip, but I have no idea where or from what they come


One of the best remedies for extremely dry skin is oatmeal shampoo.

Oatmeal has ingredients that help sooth extremely dry skin.

You also might try a food trial because it’s possible that your Yorkie’s new food still contains the things he is allergic to.

Start by comparing the ingredient listing on your current food with the list of ingredients on the last food he was eating.

Look for any common ingredients, even something as simple as chicken or various types of grains.

Start by eliminating one ingredient from his diet for two weeks. If there is one ingredient that the two foods have in common, start there.

If that doesn’t work, then just start picking out the first foods on the top of the list and start eliminating them.

It will take a lot of effort reading the ingredient listings on the various foods, but eventually you should be able to narrow down exactly what type of food your dog is allergic to.

Some dogs are even allergic to multiple foods, so you may find it necessary to eliminate several foods from your dog’s diet.

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