Types of Yorkie Hair Cuts

Yorkie Hair Cuts have two basic styles, long or short cuts. Which one your yorkie will get depends on your preference and also on how much time you have to take care of the style.

Obviously a long style will require a lot of grooming and caring for the coat to be kept in top condition.

I know a lot of the pictures you see will have yorkies sporting a long style with a top knot for extra cuteness, but we have personally always kept our yorkies’ hair in a short puppy cut. We believe he looks the cutest and it is also very easy for us to take care of.

As you know, a yorkshire terrier’s most defining characteristic is its gorgeous silky hair. I would therefore always advise to take your yorkie to a professional groomer at first and possibly get some tips from them on your yorkie haircuts.

If you are planning on keeping a long style for your yorkie, you must be prepared to brush his hair daily to keep it from tangling. You should also carry out some research to learn the main tips on clipping his hair in between his scheduled yorkie hair cuts.

Yorkie haircuts – Comparing the long vs short styles:

Long yorkie haircut:

Having your yorkie wear his hair like this will require a lot of time caring for its coat. It must be washed regularly and brushed daily.

You must also go through learning how to use clippers or a grooming kit to keep it neat and off the floor. As their hair is like ours, it keeps growing and needs maintenance between his full haircuts.

If you want a long style you must make sure that your yorkie has silky hair, there are some yorkies who have very soft, fine hair and when trying to grow this out it will prove more difficult to keep under control and knot free.

Short yorkie haircut:

A short style will mean a lot less time spent on grooming, which in turn can mean a lot more time spent playing with your yorkie! If your yorkie is anything like our Harry, he will definitely appreciate this a lot more.

Keep in mind however, that a short style does not mean no grooming! It would still be a good idea to brush your yorkie everyday, although it will take a quarter of the time.

A short hair cut means that you will not be able to show your yorkie. A yorkie must have a long style to show off its’ hair.

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