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Yorkie good & bad habits


What are yorkie terrier good & bad habits?


First of all it is important to point out that all dogs are different, so even though yorkies tend to be this way or that way, your yorkie could be very different :)

I would say the good bits are: they are very sweet, cuddly, loyal, they are great companions, friendly, intelligent ..... I could go on :)

As for the bad: They tend to bark a lot, they are normally a bit harder to housebreak .... I would suggest reading our page - Things to consider before buying a yorkshire terrier - this might help put things into perspective if you are thinking of buying a yorkie.

Anyone else want to share their yorkies good habits/bad habits?

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May 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

Why does my yorkie tears up all he finds? He likes to chew up everything. He is about six months. Plz help!!

Dec 08, 2011
My humping Yorkie
by: Anonymous

I have a 17month old male yorkie, I need HELP, he is my best freind and I love him here recently he has been humping my daughter at night when she falls asleep, I don't know why!? He knows now that I get really upset with it, I yell NO and he will take off running and now if I walk in the room while he is doing this disgusting behavior and he runs away, so I know he knows that it isn't aloud, but he won't stop. I have been putting him in a pet taxi at night and I hate to do that I would rather him be in bed with me but he won't quit sneaking off to my daughters room to hump her. I have to sleep with one eye open if I leave him out so I just can't leave him out anymore and I HATE it because he is my baby... PLEASE HELP I need to know a better way to break this habit because scolding him isnt working

May 02, 2012
humping yorkie
by: Anonymous

In order to stop him from humping you have to have in neutered, that will stop him from humping and marking his teritory. hope thats helpful, i had that problem now its solved.

Jul 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

Help!! can anyone tell me why my yorkie never sits still? he constantly walks back and forth, back and forth all day long until it about 9 pm and he's done for the night. This is so annoying.

Aug 11, 2012
Bad behavior
by: Jamie

My yorkie is right at 4mths old now,He gets really mean at times and will bite you.He will start out running back and forth growling at you.It is like he is daring you to do anything to him.If you try to pick him up he will bite.He will be fine and then all of a sudden go into like a rage.This behavior does scare me when he does this.And don't know what to do about it.So will someone please give me advice,have gotten way to attached to him to get rid of him.Just want to try and understand his little quirks.PLEASE HELP!!!

Sep 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

My Yorkie licks carpets, floors and me. Do all Yorkies do this?

Oct 31, 2012
My Yorkie
by: Anonymous

My Yorkie licks everything, he licks our wooden doors

May 22, 2014
by: Anonymous

My yorkie is so lovey but I feel like a babysitter I have to constantly watch him, he marks his territory and licks furniture could be the texture don't know. He like to clean my two other dogs private parts and there eyes. If we hold him he'll try to clean our eyes and nose holes lol. He listens wen I say stop but it's a constant battle.

Jun 14, 2014
Chattering jaw
by: Annmarie

My 13 year old Yohrkie has started chattering his lower jaw? Randomly, not after he eats or gets a treat. He also can not hear anymore or see good. I know he's getting old but this chatter thing is weird. Any ideas?

Dec 12, 2014
stress out
by: Anonymous

I have a 4year old yorkie that have start peeing on my throw rags can someone tell me why after being house broken for a while.

Apr 28, 2015
Extremely Aggressive
by: Anonymous

My 8 year old male yorkie, is in a new living environment and is extremely aggressive and territorial. Sleeps in bed with child and growls and barks and attacks when passing room, and bites other pets to keep them away. Help!Please!

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