Yorkie from Puppy Mill

by Lisa
(St Augustine, FL)


I just adopted a yorkie who is 4 yrs old and was in a puppy mill until 3 mos ago.

She was fostered by someone for the last 3 mos until I got her 2 nights ago.

She is very timid and is scared of everything. How can I help her overcome what she has been through and get her to trust us and be a good dog for the rest of her life?


Hi Lisa,

I must congratulate you for saving your yorkie from a terrible place!

As for your question, I would suggest plenty of love and care. As the dog is already 4 years old, the trauma is something it may never overcome.

Be careful not to smother the dog though. Maybe one day it will decide to come to you, rather than the other way around.

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Jan 03, 2013
Puppy Mill
by: Anonymous

Hi, I know of a puppy mill. She sets up at the St. Aug flea market. I purchased a sick, pregnant yorkie from her with heartworms. The dog is better now. I have had her for a year. I went as far as the states atty office. The lady gets away with murder. I think she operates out of O'Brein Fla. I wish we could shut her operation down!!!!

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