yorkie ear scratching

by ak


I'm new to dogs. The 18month old yorkie I just got scratches her ear obssessively.

Already has a vet appt, but i'm wondering what to do in the mean time.

How do i know if it's an ear infection or excess wax?

Are wax remover drops for humans ok for dogs?


A lot of ear scratching can be an ear infection, although can also be an early sign of ear mites.

Is there any black residue in the ear canal?

Your vet will be able to give you a diagnosis and then the appropriate treatment.

Both of these can be cleared up with some ear drops, however I would not use ear drops which we use.

I would get some specifically for dogs and for the condition.

Please come back and let us know what advice the vet gave you. And let us know when your little one is doing better.

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