Yorkie doesn't like the leash

by RoxyJuanes
(San Antonio, Tx)


I have a gorgeous three year old yorkie, she's the cuttest thing ever! She's obedient and totally loves people.

First i must start, she was raised in a large kitchen, that's all she knew all of her life, till i got her.

I take her with me almost everywhere i go, if it's an open area or dogs are allowed. She doesnt bite people and is very fond of children, especially cute guys ^.^

The only problem with her is she wont walk on her leash!!!! Eek!

My simple question is: how do i make her walk on a leash?

Note: She walks on leashes with other people except me :'(.

Also i've tried snacks, soft words, loud words, pushing, pulling, tapping her lightly, just about anything, but she won't walk with me.

I want to take her places, but they require a leash and i dont want to be carrying her all the time.

She weights 4 lbs, is very lazy, doesnt like to play with toys, very protective of her bed and blanket, but does not bite me when i grab it.

I dont know how to make her a dog. She's known solitude for a long time.


Hi Roxy, let me just say your yorkie sounds adorable!!!

First of all you must never try the pushing, pulling, loud words etc as she might then associate the leash with a negative.

What happens when you get her on a leash, does she just stop walking? Does she start pulling?

If she starts pulling you must stop walking immediately, and say a firm NO, remember do not shout at her, just change your tone to a serious one. Once she stops with you, try walking again, if there is no pulling, give her lots of praise and possibly a treat, if the pulling starts again, remember a firm NO and stop walking again. She will soon realise that pulling on a leash will get her no where, not pulling will be rewarded with lots of praise, a nice walk and possibly some treats.

This might take a while but patience and consistency is essential.

If she just plain refuses to walk once she is on a leash, try holding a treat in front of her and once she takes a few steps on leash with you walking beside her, shower lots of praise on her and rewards with a treat.

The whole point is for her to associate what is good behaviour with you giving her lots of praise and sometimes a nice treat.

There is a great e-book called Secrets of Dog Training Revealed which has helped countless people with many training problems. I used it for my yorkies separation anxiety, however one of the things it also covers is leash training.

Let me know if this helps, and if anybody else has any other advice please share with us.

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Feb 03, 2010
The leash
by: Anonymous

Excellent advice was given!!! Please be sure to use a small soft dog harness rather than a collar. Yorkies are susceptible to collapsed tracheas. I do believe your baby just wants the connection with you and to be close (in your arms). My baby was the same way and honestly I loved every minute of it. You can purchase a carrier that has a shoulder strap and you place it in front of you (they have great style and designs). Your baby will be elated and still give you the freedom to move your arms. Yorkies are so Special and Extremely intelligent (when training use a calm soft tone and lots of praise)........... I miss my baby so much, it's been a month and a big part of me has died with her.

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