What Should I Name it and Should I get it?

by Nancy W.
(Shanghai,China )


I live in an apartment-ish place and people there don't like noisy dogs.

If I decided to get the dog, what should I name it?

It has brown, white, and a bit of yellow on it's fur, its smaller than all the other yorkies, can you help me?


Yorkies are renowned to bark quite a bit. Especially when there are people approaching the appartment.

There are various ways you can train your yorkie not to bark. If you decide to get the yorkie try the following things:
Exercise the dog as much as possible. Many dogs bark due to having extra energy, by exercising and getting rid of this extra energy they will be tired out and this could stop them barking so much.
If your dog does bark excessively teach it that there will be negative consequences, never physical negative consequences, but try things like not playing with them or ignoring them until they stop barking and then reward them with either a treat or positive attention.

If you do decide to get the dog and are at a loss as to what to name him or her you can browse through our lists of Yorkie names for some ideas.

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