Watson is not a typical small breed of animal. Perhaps his parents were the standard Schnauzer as he is not a mini. He weighes over 20 lbs, much to our dismay. But it is our fault. He is so much a part of our family that we spoil him with extra scraps and treats.We are trying to do better.

Watson came to us as a rescue pup barely 6, if that, weeks old. He was found in our friends garden covered with ticks. We placed ads, signs and posters all around the area looking for the family, but to no avail.

He is now 5 yeaers old and still the joy of our lives. That being said, he has now developed allergies to food, grass and fleas, so we have spent a great deal of money over the past 2 years just dealing with that. But we would do the same for our kids too.

The article above discribes his personality to a tee. Such a sweet, affectionate, and loveing dog. He loves people and is curious about other animals as we pass them on the street, but by no means aggresive. Smart as can be and does not need to be told his boundries very often. In fact, if I drop the leash while we are walking and walk away, he stays right where the leash dropped until told to come. Vocal, indeed as he barks at every gardener, trashman, and cat that happens to be around. But quiets down when told what it is.

We truly love having Watson and never expected so much love and affection to come from a "dog".

Thanks for asking.

Cyndy McGinty

P.S. I thought I was coining the phrase "snorkie" when I found out what he was and here there is a breed like that. Who would have thought.

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