The Truth About Terriers

If you are interested in the terrier breed please read on for the truth about terriers. One of the most popular dogs around the world is the Terrier. There are seven different breeds of Terriers in the world’s top 50 most well liked dogs, and this is not by accident.

As a group they are energetic, smart, light-hearted and, in general, very strong and stout little companion dogs. Terriers are no fuss in regards to grooming; however, the Yorkshire terrier or the “Yorkie” is an exception, because its coat needs habitual upkeep to remain free from mats and tangles.

The Advantages of Being a Terrier Owner

Most Terriers are extremely social and friendly dogs that enjoy socializing with family and strangers. They are inherently fun loving and playful even when they get older. Terriers never mind sharing their personal space with their owners. Most Terriers require very little exercise and are notorious for playing fetch with the kids. In general, the Terrier breed enjoys the outdoors, even if it is wet or snowy. Although these dogs have strong, water resistant coats, they should never be left outside in blizzards or snowstorms.

As a little dog, Terriers are not as expensive to nourish as their larger counterparts. Some Terrier breeds have allergy problems, Von Willebrand’s disease (a hemophilia type blood disorder), and difficulties giving birth, but breeders can eliminate almost all of these conditions through careful screening.

Moreover, Terriers, as a breed, live around 12 to 15 years. They are very active, curious and fascinated by their surroundings and the people and things in it, even as they grow older.

Challenges to the Terrier Owner

Some Terrier breeds are irritable and hard to teach. In general it is not prudent to leave small kids with Terriers that are extremely possessive of toys or food, because this may result in them being bitten or nipped. Terriers, although extremely smart, frequently become uninterested in the same routines and may start to simply disregard repetitive commands if obedience training is not regular and unyielding.

Owning any breed of dog has its inherent challenges and Terriers are no exception. In general, when these dogs are left alone they are known to dig, chew and bark excessively. Initially, Terriers were bred from dogs that liked to hunt and dig, and these traits are still visible in the Terriers of today.

Terriers are dogs that inherently like to chase and may encounter issues with other dogs who share the home. In addition, they can be territorial and will show aggression toward larger dogs to prove their point.

Terriers as a whole respond well to positive rewards, but not well to punishment oriented training. They can become overly aggressive or hostile towards people when they receive this type of training.

Terriers can be a wonderful dog for your home and family, but they do need lots of attention and care. These dogs flourish when they are provided with consistent training, plenty of love and socialization. When selecting this breed, consider the advantages and challenges in training and owning one and how the dog will fit in with your family, home and lifestyle.

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