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6 Simple Rules

The following are some basic rules that should be followed when training Yorkshire terriers. Yorkshire terriers are very intelligent dogs and are very capable of learning things quickly.

However, by following these rules the training process should be made easier and much less confusing for your yorkie.

1. First and foremost – it is very important that your Yorkshire terrier is trained by only one member of the family

2. Please make sure that all family members use the same commands so that your Yorkshire terrier does not get confused

3. When training Yorkshire terriers it is important that they know who is in command. You must be authoritative and you must also be very clear as to what your yorkie is and is not allowed to do

4. As explained in housetraining yorkshire terriers it is very important to reward good behaviour. A dog should never be trained by hitting it. If they have done something wrong let them know by using a stern tone of voice

5. If your dog does something wrong and needs to be punished never act affectionate just so that it will come to you only to punish it. Doing this will only cause your dog to stop trusting you

6. When beginning the training process do be patient and realise that it will not happen over night. Spread the training out over the course of the day and try to recognise when your puppy is ready to rest for the day

Have you found it easy to keep to these simple rules? Remember a well-trained dog will mean a happy dog. When training Yorkshire terriers they like feeling in control by knowing exactly what is expected of them. These simple rules will help accomplish that.

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If you need a complete yorkshire terrier training guide, why not check out the e-book we have written specifically with yorkshire terriers in mind!

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