Training Yorkshire Terriers:

Everything You'll Ever Need to Know About Yorkie Training in One Book!

All About Yorkshire Terriers is proud to offer their Yorkie-loving friends and fans the most comprehensive book on training Yorkshire Terriers available:

Training Yorkshire Terriers

“Yorkies are just toy dogs who don’t need formal training.” – False
“You can train a Yorkie the same as you train any other breed.” – False
“Yorkies are just stubborn.” – False
“Yorkies can’t be housetrained.” – False
“Yorkies are untrainable.” – False
“Yorkies are just disobedient by nature.” – False
“Yorkies can’t live with other dogs.” – False


“Yorkies are loving and intelligent dogs
who will thrive
when they are well-loved and well-trained!” – TRUE!


Training Yorkshire Terriers is more than just another book about dog training. This book is based on years of experience of loving and living with Yorkshire Terriers.

This book doesn’t just mention a Yorkie’s unique needs – this book is built around the Yorkie’s unique needs!

Yorkies are a breed all their own. This is why we love them. This book will help readers, owners, and trainers to love them all the more.

  • Wondering if it’s really possible to housetrain a Yorkshire Terrier?

We will provide you with a step-by-step foolproof plan. No diapers necessary.

  • Is your Yorkie showing signs of aggression?

Training Yorkshire Terriers will explain why this happens and how to make it stop.

  • Is your Yorkie jumping on all your friends? Won’t come to you when you call her? Refuses to stay? Refuses to sit? Tries to nip at the groomer?

Training Yorkshire Terriers will teach you how to have the most obedient Yorkie you’ve ever met. People will begin to ask you, “How did you get your Yorkie to be so obedient?”

  • Is your Yorkie suffering from separation anxiety?

Training Yorkshire Terriers will educate you about this problem and give you the tools to fix it.


The training principles in this book are based upon the teachings of renowned US dog trainer Betsy Newman.

Betsy has trained hundreds of dogs, and trained hundreds of students to train their own dogs. She has earned American Kennel Club obedience titles on multiple dogs and has mentored many students to do the same with their dogs.

Betsy is a professional groomer and owns and operates a commercial boarding kennel.

Her impressive resume includes stints as an Animal Control Officer and as the owner of a boarding kennel that rehabilitated aggressive dogs. Her methods are tried and true and All About Yorkshire Terriers is excited to share them with you!

Training Yorkshire Terriers will teach you:

  • The true history of the breed.
  • What causes separation anxiety.
  • A variety of housetraining methods.
  • Training tools that do work.
  • Why some training techniques don’t work for every dog.
  • How to deal with aggression.
  • How to establish (or reestablish) yourself as the leader of the pack.
  • How to teach a dog to lie down on command.
  • How to teach your dog to come when you call her.
  • How to teach your dog to heel calmly at your side.
  • How to get your Yorkie to sit with only one word, one time.
  • How to teach your Yorkie to stay.
  • How to socialize your Yorkie.
  • How to keep your Yorkie safe.
  • How to appropriately use a collar on a Yorkie.
  • How to groom your Yorkie.
  • How to stop problem chewing.
  • And much, much more!

Training Yorkshire Terriers - Buy Now

All About Yorkshire Terriers is so eager to help Yorkie lovers worldwide, that they are offering TWO free gifts to anyone who purchases Training Yorkshire Terriers during this promotional period, while the ebook is still “hot off the press.”

Introducing a Yorkie to Other Pets

1.  Introducing a Yorkie to Other Pets is a 13-page ebook that will make bringing your Yorkie into a home with other pets a smooth and pleasant experience. Yorkies can coexist wonderfully with other animals, if introduced properly. This ebook will show you how to do it.

Making Your Home Yorkie Friendly

2.  The second free gift, Making Your Home Yorkie Friendly will teach you how to “Yorkie proof” your home to make it safe and fun for your Yorkie. These 12 pages are packed with information about how to make your home the perfect home for your little friend!

So, order Training Yorkshire Terriers today, and receive Introducing a Yorkie to Other Pets and Making Your Home Yorkie Friendly for FREE!

Within a few hours of reading, you will become the Yorkie expert you always wanted to be!

Training Yorkshire Terriers will teach you all the tricks, and will help you to understand why your Yorkie behaves the way he does. He is not trying to be disobedient! He is just trying to be smart, charming, and entertaining! He just wants to have fun! Make these natural attributes of the Yorkie work FOR you, not against you.

It can happen. It has happened already, for hundreds of Yorkie moms and dads. You can be next. You can train your Yorkie to be a model of canine behavior. Training Yorkshire Terriers will show you how.  

Still thinking? Don’t think about what it will do for you. Do it for your dog. Every dog deserves to be obedience trained. An obedient dog is a happy dog. A disciplined dog knows that she is loved.

Your Yorkie wants to please you because he loves you! But it’s up to you to teach him how to be an obedient, stress-free, and happy dog.

You won’t believe how much fun an obedient dog can be. Once you have one, you’ll never be able to go back to the old days.

So start training your Yorkie today. Together, you will have an incredible journey. And your best bet is to let Training Yorkshire Terriers be your map. You won’t find better advice anywhere.

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Training Yorkshire Terriers - Buy Now