totaly stumped

by joannie
( cleveland,tn)



I got a yorkie from a breeder when she was 9mths old and not potty trained. I managed to potty train her to use pee pee pads and go outside.

I think she was kept in her cage for a long time cause when I first tried to crate train her she would potty in her cage.

I have 4 other small dogs with beds in my room. When I got first got my yorkie I started to notice that she would would put poop in any of the dogs beds, even her own!

At first I thought she was eating it, but I think she just carries it around and puts it in any of the dog beds!

I tried putting pineapple in all dogs food and it seemed to help for a littlewhile but not long. I tried adding nutracal everyday to her diet but she continued to still do it.

I've had her now for 8 mths and nobody I have asked has ever heard of such a thing.

I need help it is driving me crazy!

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Mar 04, 2014
by: Susan

It sounds as though she was kept in a kennel for the entire 9 mos before you got her.

It also sounds as though she is needing much more one on one with you. Having so many other dogs may be seriosly stressing her, and placing feces in dog beds is getting your attention...even if it's negative.

My 5 yr old male Yorkie is my life companion, as well as my service animal, but even visiting with family who have quite a few pets his behavior will change slightly - doing anything to ensure my attention stays on him.

Perhaps a little food for thought.

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