This Yorkie needs a second chance for love and happiness...

by kaye in caif.dogs in tacoma,wa

Looking for a rescue facility. 7year old male yorky was originally adopted thru a pet shop (puppie mill) I believe.

He was loved, but not trained. Left to his own devices, he chewed on furniture, peed and pooped all over used peepad as a toy.

The owner was overwhelmed and inconsistant. She soon married a non-animal person who angered at the situation where they seemed to compete for her (owner) attention.

No potty training, no walks, nothing consistant. The dog pees and poops everywhere including his bed.

He gets it all over himself and his confined space. He gets brief outdoor time and barks at everything because he has no stimulation or training.

The owner is afraid to give him up for fear he is not adoptable and will be destroyed.

I believe he is retrainable, but I think he is probably a one-person dog.

He was not taught about kids or sharing toys. He seems to want to be the alphadog, during his 7 year confinement he has been with another dog who I think would be easier to train separately.

The dogs are living in 2 6-8ft playpens in a daylight basement in the tacoma area.

Is there a facility that can help this family and dogs? Please call me. Kaye 949-830-1169.

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