thinking about getting a 6-7 wk Yorkie

My husband and I are thinking about getting a Yorkie for our daughters- ages 9 and 5.5.

They have been begging for one for a year, but until recently, i didn't feel like they were quite old enough.

I have been in contact with a breeder who will release the puppies at 6-7 wks of age.

She says she starts crate training them early, but my dilemma is that my husband and I will be gone about 9 hrs during the day for work.

I could possibly come home at lunch for the first few weeks to let her out to pee/poop, but I couldn't do it indefinitely.

It worries me that I will have to crate her for 9hrs a day, but I know there are many, many other dog owners who do it and have done it starting as a pup.

What are your thoughts? And believe me when I say she will get plenty of attention from the time we get home to the time we go to bed!

She won't be lacking there!

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Feb 28, 2011
Getting a puppy
by: julie

I recently got another yorkie after my 13 yr old Duke passed away at Christmas. I was hesitant to get another at this time because I work full time, and now my 2 children are grown and gone.

My first comment is that you should NEVER buy any dog from somewhere where the pup is less than 8 weeks old.

Having a small yorkie is really like having a baby in the house, and they do need attention!

Fortunately I work close to home - gone for 8-9 hr stretches, and brought my little guy home at 11 weeks.

My very responsible yorkie breeder offered to even keep him for the next few weeks, and I could take him on weekends.

I was able to take every other half day off, and now am leaving work 2 hours early this week, to ease him into me being gone.

He seems to be adjusting, but I know for the next 2 months I have canceled all night and weekend engagements.

This way the puppy will bond with you. Believe me, the first time you leave him and hear that crying, you will want to run back in the house.

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