The best friend any girl could ask for

by Amy

I got my little man at the age of 9 and ever since we have been inseperable. He has been there through all the good times, and the bad and never faultered in his loyalty and friendship towards me.

It broke my heart on monday when, at 17, we had to put him to sleep. He was blind and deaf, and had lost the use of his legs, struggling to stand and could never relax or get comfy.

He also went off his food and suffered from diorreah. He also started taking himself away from the family - always wanting to be up in the spare room alone, and sleeping for the majority of the day.

Right now I can't see how I will get over this. I break down every time i think of him. Also can't get over the guilt that i ended my best friends life. Maybe we could have waited. He trusted us totally and sat patiently at the vets, never thinking any harm could come to him.

I hope these feelings will subisde eventually. We are burying him out the back garden so at lease then i know i can always go and sit with him an he wont be alone. I hope he forgives me and knows i only ever wanted what was best for him.

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Feb 19, 2014
Thinking of you
by: Andrea

Hi there! Remember all the fab memories U have had over years and the smiles he has brought to you, I have had Yorkies all my life. Died from ages 11-18. Never gets easier but it gets easier as time goes on. I have suzie who is 11 and get spoilt and if she went I would be devasted but knowing she had had a good life and very spoilt I know if I had to make that decision again I know she had a happy life. Chin up Hun, Be strong, thinking of you, andrea x

Feb 20, 2014
Your best friend
by: Vicki M.

I am so sorry to read about the loss of your beloved furbaby. I too have had to make that walk in to the Vet's office with my best fur friend and back out alone.
I know the pain in your heart, the ache in your soul and the doubt in your mind.
Honestly, I think one of the kindest things we can do for our furbabies (other than loving them with every ounce of our being) is to make that final decision to let them leave us.
Yes, it is selfish on our part to want to keep them, even for one more day when we know it is their time to go. But being selfish isn't always the wrong thing. We know it is their time but we are not ready for them to leave us.
Seeing the remnants of their lives when they are gone is sometimes more powerful than a physical blow. Their food dish, water bowl, toys, beds, little blankets, leashes and collars are all reminders of their being with us, in our lives, in our homes and especially in our hearts. We don't want to open that door and let that love out and let the heartache in. But, sometimes we must and it is such a horrible time to get through.
Your furbaby was already a senior when they came into your life. You missed their puppy years, running and playing, their clumsy antics of learning to climb stairs and tumble, only to get back up and try again. Now, they have that quality back. To run and play at Rainbow Bridge. To get into mischief knowing they are watched over to never know harm or pain. Someday, your sweet furbaby will lift its head, look over their should and see you coming to cross over into heaven together for eternity.
I know the pain in your heart is heavy. It is a daily chore to not break down over hearing just a sound that they loved, seeing a bird or squirrel they loved to chase. See that empty spot on the chair, bed or sofa where they used to lay. The empty spot in your heart will soon fill with the wonderful memories of your time together. The pain will lessen a bit. Your heart will always wear that tiny paw print where the love and memories of your little furbaby marked.
I wish you peace. I know another furbaby will never be a replacement but I hope you get another one someday soon. A heart as big as yours has room to love another dog. God bless you.

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