The Best Feeling in Providing That Forever Home!

by Alan J Stolz
(New York City & Southampton, NY)

Samantha after Bath

Samantha after Bath

After my first store-bought Yorkie died at the age of 14, I waited a few months and then found myself on the internet again looking at new puppies.

A friend said I should look into adopting a Yorkie who really needs a good home. I found Yorkie Rescue Me.

What a great organization. They have about 5 or 6 foster homes that care for these dogs until they are adopted.

I filled out my application and kept looking for "that special one". Then, the day after Thanksgiving in 2006, I visited the website and saw her... little Samantha.. with her tongue hanging out and the cutest face ever!! (We all say that, don't we?).

I contacted them about more information and drove down to the foster home that Monday to pick her up. I love her more than anything and I think she is happy with me too.

Then on December 1st of 2009 I went to another foster mom's house to pick up my second Yorkie... this time an active 8 year old male named Spencer.

He has fit in perfectly and I feel that I was so lucky to adopt the two best little ones ever.

Don't wait. If you can provide a loving home to one in need, they'll spend the rest of their days giving you all the love and enjoyment you'll ever want.

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