stupid me

by rose hazelton
(canada,yarmouth ns)

Well it was two weeks before christmas,I got a phone call that my nephew had an accident was beening rushed to hospital not expected to make it,of course i flew out the house,needlesss to say i was gone most of the day,upon returning home ,my dogs had been in the garbage there was coffee grounds and garbage all throughout the house, they had a ball it was on the couch on my bed just a mess,that night my 10 month old female started to throw up not bad just here and there.
Next day same thing by supper time it was worst i called the vet she said they couldnt see her untill 10;30 next day that evening she started to get loose stool by midnight it had blood in it.
I called the emergency number they said bring her in at 8 when they opened.
I sat up with her untill 430 ish and fell asleep,when I woke up at 6 it was like a murder sceen through the house there was blood everywhere and it was foul smelling,I wrapped her in a blanket and left for the vet,soon as i got there he said she has parvo,i told him the story about coffee grounds and the garbage,and how sudden it came on but he insisted it was parvo so we did the test which came back negitive.
He said leave her here she needs fluids,ok I called at 4 pm they said she was alert and sitting up,and they were going to unhook the iv, at 8 am they called and said she didnt make it through the night and my bill was 323,$and my nephew didnt make it either.
She was never sick a day and had her first needles i miss her so much she was just like a baby,and let me say she was just the yorkie I always wanted she was all house trained and very easy and beautiful colors ,I would like to get another ,but dont know if I can because I miss her too much

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