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Yorkshire Terrier homepage - Everything from Pictures of Yorkshire Terriers to how to housetrain and groom them. But that's not all, we also search their past, look at their eating ...

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General information about Yorkshire Terriers:

Find out about yorkshire terrier looks and personality

Read about Yorkshire Terrier Colours

Read all about the history of Yorkshire Terriers

What to look for in a Yorkshire Terrier breeder

Read all about Breeding Yorkshire Terriers

All about Teacup Yorkshire Terriers

Things to consider before buying a Yorkie

Yorkshire Terrier Rescue - Giving yorkies a second chance

Adopt a Yorkie

Advantages associated with the adoption of yorkshire terriers

Training Adopted Dogs

Yorkies and other pets

Deciding between a male and female yorkshire terrier

What is the lifespan of Yorkshire Terriers?


General information on Yorkipoo

Grooming Yorkshire Terriers:

The importance of grooming Yorkshire Terriers

Grooming also includes the teeth, ears & eyes

Dog grooming supplies

Tying your yorkies topknot

Dog chews for healthy teeth

Bathing your Yorkie

Training Yorkshire Terriers:

Learn all about housebreaking your Yorkshire Terrier

Still need more housebreaking tips? Try our Litter training pages!

Remember Accidents do happen. Read Cleaning Puppy Urine

Learn all about housetraining your Yorkshire Terrier

6 Simple Rules for Training Yorkshire Terriers

How to train your yorkshire terrier to learn the basic dog commands

The use of dog crates in the training process

Learn about leash training your Yorkie

Learn how to deal with Dog Chewing Problems

Yorkshire Terrier Health:

General Yorkie Health

Some of the main dog diseases explained

Alopecia in dogs

What is Dry Eye?

What is Liver Shunt?

Help your Yorkie combat dog fleas

How important is Pet Insurance?

Yorkshire Terrier Nutrition:

Learn about the Yorkshire Terrier diet

Read these simple guidelines for feeding yorkshire terriers

Choosing the right food for your Yorkie

Homemade dog food

Dangerous foods for dogs

Dangers of feeding chocolate to your dog

Pet Travel

How easy is it to travel with your Yorkie?

Flying with your Yorkie

Dog safety in cars

Dog car seats for safety

Pet etiquette whilst on your travels

Make sure your Yorkie never gets lost with ID Tags

Yorkshire Terrier Posters, Gifts & Books

Yorkie Apparel

Christmas Apparel

Yorkshire Terrier Posters

Yorkshire Terrier Books

Gifts for yorkie lovers

2010 Yorkshire Terrier Calendars

What will you name your Yorkshire Terrier?

Yorkshire Terrier names

Do you need any help choosing a name for your Yorkie?

Miscellaneous Articles

Choosing a Dog Breed

Owning more than one dog

Dogs and children

Pet Safety when disaster strikes

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