should I let my yorkie sleep??

by kim

I've had my darling yorkie nearly 16 and half years.

He has been on the brink or so I have thought for over a year now.

He has sight and hearing problems. Shaky on his legs probably arthritis. Many toilet mishaps.

If I'm honest I have avoided the vets because although he doesn't seem to be in any pain I'm worried that they will try and talk me into putting him to sleep or suggesting loads of treatment which I think would be cruel at his time of life.

Sometimes he just stands there looking senile.

Am I being selfish? Should I consider letting him go to sleep?

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Jun 20, 2011
No dnt let him sleep yet. You'll know when u have to
by: Lisa jean

Hello if ur yorkie doesn't seem to be in pain leave him.

They can't make u have him put to sleep that's your choice.

My yorkie as a tumour around his heart they wanted to put him to sleep over a year ago I said no.

His belly is very swollen so we lift him around alot. But he still drinking eatin and loves cuddles.

He's on new meds so his fluid as gone down alot.

Really what I'm saying I wouldnt have him put to sleep.

You'll know urself when u do so at the moment just leave him and enjoy ur time together xx

Oct 06, 2011
i too have a mature yorkie
by: caz

Hi, i also have a little yorkie called pepsi he is 15.

He sleeps a lot doesn't like going for walks anymore but i have a little 2 year old called mindy so i carry pepsi in a bag when i take mindy out just so he still gets fresh air.

He will go and walk sometimes even if its only short.

We recently had a scare as the vets found a lump in his mouth. I didn't like the thought of him having it removed cos at his age anyway they assured me he would be fine so i took him in.

They took the lump away so we then had to wait for test to come back. It was a week of worry! Anyway test came back clear.

He is suffering with allergies at the moment trying to find out what it is. Like you said he too stands in the middle of the room like he doesn't know what he wants or what he wants to do.

He goes to the back door to be let out for a wee more often. I, most nights, am up 2 3 times to let him out sometimes he doesn't even do anything.

He just sleeps all day. He's eating well he has also recently gone deaf poor thing but i love him to bits. It makes me sad that he can no longer hear me tell him i love him i hope deep down that when its his time to go it will be in his sleep.

As i had to have my 10 year old yorkie, toffy, put to sleep 3 years ago as she had cancer and i miss her very much. You will know when its time...

Please feel free to keep in touch and we can be there for each other when the time comes.

Hope to hear from you, caz

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