Pet Travel, taking care of your Yorkie when you go places!

Just because you want to go away for a while it does not mean that your Yorkie can't. Pet Travel can be very simple when all the necessary steps are taken to ensure that your pet has as much fun as you. By reading this article you will be able to arrange a holiday that will involve your Yorkie as well as the rest of the family.

When travelling by car the first step should be to place a blanket on the seats that the dog will occupy. This will probably be a lot more comfortable for it than the material the seats are made of and it will keep it warm if the car is a bit too cold for it.The blanket will also become its' designated area.

More seasoned car travelling dogs will understand that this is their 'seat' for the journey and will rarely stray from it. However for many people there is an issue of safety, which is very sensible and commendable. Safety for your pet when travelling, especially by car, is paramount. Although a lot of dogs will be very relaxed just sitting on a blanket there are plenty of products available like seat belts and chairs for dogs.

Pet air travel is also not difficult to arrange. You will find that there are many airlines that allow pets to travel. Some will allow small pets to travel in the cabin if they fit below the passenger seat and are in a travel box, or kennel.

Others will accomodate bigger dogs in the hold, once again in travel boxes or kennels. Be sure that you get in contact with the airline before hand as they are not under any obligation to accept pets at the check in.

Once the arrangements for pet travel are finalised the next step is to find a pet friendly hotel. Plenty of hotels are pet friendly but once again make sure of this when booking. Some specialised hotels will have a special care center for pets and others will have regulations about the sleeping arrangements.

You might be able to have your dog sleep with you but in other cases there will be a bed provided for them. It is a good idea to take a blanket for your Yorkie that it is familiar with so that it feels at home.

The following are some items that are required for pet travel:

Dog blanket

Dog food

Clothing for colder climate

Sunglasses for hot climates

Dog Toys  

Dog treats

First aid kit

Proof of vaccines

Recent photo incase of it getting lost

Passport if travelling abroad


Cleaning wipes

All of his information will make your life a lot easier when organising a trip with your Yorkie. Organising a holiday is fun, not just for the family but for the pets aswell. From experience I can say that pet travel is easy to arrange and it is a very exciting experience when you are in a foreign place with your pet. Remember to find a pet friendly hotel and to arrange pet air travel in advance.

Happy Holidays!

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