Think of pet safety when Disaster Strikes!

In light of recent events around the world pet safety is now as important as ever. Natural disasters have destroyed homes and seperated loved ones so we have decided to investigate the proper proceedures to ensure you and your pets safety.

As with everything else, preparation is paramount. By being prepared you are giving yourself a head start if anything does happen.

If you find yourself in a disaster area the first thing to remember is not to leave your Yorkie behind! Think pet safety! A Yorkshire Terrier does not stand much of a chance on its on when confronted by a flood, earthquake or hurricane. Even bigger dogs should not be left alone. By leaving them alone you are giving their lives away. It is very rare for pets to survive, especially when they are left alone.

Many of you may think that just leaving them there for a while won't do any harm but then again, do you know for sure how long you will be away? So, even if you think are going to be gone for a short while take your Yorkie with you.

Another important point to remember is that leaving as soon as quickly is also adviseable because many emergency services will not make allocations for pets. This could mean leaving your pet behind and perhaps never seeing it again.

There is always the chance of getting seperated so your pet should have ID tag on at all times. Have an updated photo with you or save it on your email so that you can access where ever you are. Another good idea to leave a phone number on your Yorkies ID tag, be it your number or that of a good friend.

When you go on holiday you tend to book or investigate in advance. In a way this requires similar preparation. By keeping a list of pet friendly hotels and animal shelters you are once again giving yourself that 'head start' that is so important for survival. So remember to include the address, contact name and phone number of possible emergency places.

A first aid kit for pets is always handy. Keeping a compact supply of your Yorkie's necessary medication and supplies. Having the majority of it ready and in an easily accessible location is vital. Also, items that are familiar will help your Yorkie.

Most importantly, know where your Yorkie is at all times. Yorkshire Terriers are small and fragile dogs, they can get hurt very easily. Be prepared, especially if you are in an area that is known to have natural disasters.

So, just to refresh your memory. To be prepared have an emergency first aid kit ready, contact numbers for hotels and shelters, keep a photo of your dog handy and make sure it has its ID tag at all times. Pet Safety is something many people over look and they decide to tackle it when the time comes, don't be one of those people! Be safe!

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