by katie
(staten island)

Pal was exactly what his name means, my pal.

He was my buddy, my best friend. he used to pull me around on a sled when I was younger, and was a very smart dog.

He LOVED laser pointers.

I got him when I was 8 and had to get him put to sleep when I was 18 because he was sick.

It was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through.

I lost my little brother that day, and I will never ever forget him.

Dogs really are the best friends that people can have because they can always listen and are always there, and they are definately part of the family.

I have a picture of him hanging on my wall and I will always bring it wherever I move.

I know he's watching over me and he's definately enjoying himself wherever he is now, in a better place.

i love you pally a&f <3

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