Our Yorkie Snickers

by sj
(Flint MI)

Snickers lost!

Six months ago I was blessed to have a a dream come true when Snickers came into my life. She was a 12 yr old Yorkie and the best friend I ever had.

She was (and still is) very special to me. Around Christmas I discovered a small lump in her tummy so after the holidays I took her to her vet.

Even her vet was near tears when she had to tell me that she had cancer and surgery was not a good option.

So of course I took her to another vet and again I was told things did not look good at all.

So I took my baby home and did everything I could. But a week ago last Thursday she just slipped away. It feels as though my heart is never going to stop breaking.

She was so very smart, and funny like when I gave her a bath she would run around the apartment rubbing herself against every thing she could touch.

Or when she would just drop to the floor get on her back and wiggle back and forth after a couple of seconds she would stop get up look around as if to see if anyone was watching and if not she would just fall on her other side and do it again.

Now what was so funny was what fur looked like when she finished. I have a picture of her after wiggle time and she looks as though she stuck her little tail in the light socket which left her with a bad hair day.

Everybody just loved her. what am I going to do without her now?

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to tell you what a great little Yorkie she was.
Be blessed.

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