Our Rescue Snorkie - Emma

by Phyllis
(Lancaster, PA)

I found Emma at a rescue shelter two years ago and immediately fell in love with her.

She was only three months old.

She was found in a field and taken to the shelter, thank god she was not injured and was amazingly healthy.

My husband and I took her home with us.

Emma is a sweet and very loving girl. She is so smart, she was completely house broken in about 3 months.

We taught her how to ring the bell at the back door, she loves doing this.

She can however be quite vocal especially when she wants your attention, she loves to play ball. One of her favorite things to do is go to the park and hang out with all her tail wagging friends.

The hardest thing to break her of was the barking and I am not really sure I have mastered that yet to be honest.

Emma loves to be cuddled and likes to take naps on my lap. She is very energetic and loves to go for longs walks.

I love to dress her up, but I think she would prefer if I didn't. So I only dress her up and bows in her hair on special occasion.

We would not trade her for the anything she is priceless. Emma truly completes our family.

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