Our Chorkie Jazmyn

by Sue Burgess
(Mount Pleasant, WI, USA)

Jazmyn is 3/4 yorkie and 1/4 chihuahua. She is now two years old.

She has large eyes that have black edges, a black nose with a longer black muzzle, a long curled tail that is black on top and the rest of her is reddish blonde.

I feel she takes more after a yorkie in looks but that is the way that I have her cut. Yes cut - she doesn't shed - what a wonderful thing - no hair all over!

She is fun loving, good temperament, loves people more than other dogs (I think she thinks she is a person - but don't they all!) even though we did have her socialized at a young age and continues to go to the dog park with the small dogs.

She can become timid when things get a little crazy with grand kids here and does hide or look to be directly by me.

She does have the terrier bullheaded way - potty training was a challenge, she was determined to use the spare room instead of going outside.

She finally gave in to our way at about 1 1/2yrs. She doesn't like grass so she uses the sidewalk, but she does love snow totally!!

She does live up to being a yapper but it is only when she hears something strange or she sees anyone outside (she figures everybody is in her area and needs to be barked at). She gets really excited when she sees people she knows and loves.

I wouldn't trade my Chorkie for anything in the world!!!

A small dog has such a different feel and way of life than a large dog which we have had all our married life.

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