Older Yorkie all of a sudden jealous of younger Yorkie.

by Mike
(Mt. Prospect, IL)


I have two Yorkies. Addison is 2.5 years old and Chloe is 1 year old.

We brought Chloe home at 3 months and honestly got her to keep Addie company since we were gone most of the day for work.

They get along great most of the time. Chloe has more energy since she is the puppy and often instigates with Addie. Addie is usually patient with Chloe but lets her know when she has enough which we feel is fine since she should be the dominant one.

Then recently Addie seems to be very jealous of Chloe. Anytime we hold Chloe or pet her Addie attacks, even if my wife is petting Addie at the same time she still attacks.

Before it was every so often and we seperate them for a few minutes and they are fine, but now it is every time anyone touches Chloe.

Any suggestions?


If it has been a sudden drastic change that you have noticed in your older yorkie, it might be an idea to take her for a full check up at the vets in case there is something bothering her or there are any aches and pains that are causing her to become a grumpy or aggressive dog. Sudden behaviour changes could be health related.

It could be that when you first brought your younger yorkie home Addie thought she was just visiting and when she started realising chloe was here to stay she has started acting up, not so much at first and now it's getting worse. This is perfectly normal behaviour from Addie.

Start doing little things like, for example, when they play together give Addie a special treat and praise so that she understands that thats the behaviour you want her to have. If she doesn't play nice no rewards or treats.

It is important that Chloe is very well trained so that Addie will see that you are in control and that Chloe doesn't just do what she wants.

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