Nutrition For Yorkshire Terriers, A Complete Guide

Like most dogs a Yorkshire Terrier's nutrition is part of every day life. The Yorkshire Terrier diet does not differ too much from that of other dogs, but it is different in size.

The following information will explain the process by which a dog owner should feed their yorkshire terrier.

This includes such topics as, 'When to feed your yorkie', 'How much to feed your yorkie' and 'What to feed your yorkie'.

By taking in this information you will be able to keep your Yorkshire terrier happy, energetic and healthy!

Feeding Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

When a yorkie puppy has gone through its early stages of relying on its dam for food it Yorkshire terrier nutrition then needs a new source of nutrition. When you welcome your pet into your life be sure to ask its previous owner or breeder what would be the best dog food.

Nutrition For Yorkshire Terriers

They may have already started it on a particular brand that they prefer to others. If you feel that this brand is affordable then by all means continue using it, but if not then begin using another one for puppies.

Slowly remove the old brand from your dogs bowl by first adding only a bit of the new one and then gradually add more and more until there is no more of the old one left. This will help your dog in the 'getting used to' process and will also lessen any chances of stomach upset.

At a young age Yorkshire Terrier puppies will be energetic and will burn calories very easily. At first it is a good idea to feed yorkie puppies about four times a day. By doing this you are allowing them to get all the necessary nutrition they need.

If you were to try and feed them all of it at once they may either burn it all before the end of the day and then go to sleep hungry, be sick because of the excess amount or leave part of the food because they can't finish it.

By feeding them in small amounts periodically every day they will get into a routine that will let them know that once they start getting hungry there will be food for them soon.

Feeding Young Yorkshire Terriers

Until the teething phase is over, which should occur at about 6 months of age, yorkies need to be fed three meals a day. However, between 6 months and 1 year two feedings should be sufficient.

At this stage in a young Yorkshire terriers life it is very important that you feed them a healthy, well-balanced meal in order for good development and growth. Nutritional deficiencies that are developed in youth are practically impossible to make up for later on. It would be beneficial to supplement your yorkies diet with some Dog Vitamins.

As your dog gets older its body will be able to digest far better than when it was a puppy or when it gets very old. In this way a dogs body works very similar to that of a humans.

Feeding Adult Yorkshire Terriers

Once your Yorkshire terrier matures it is possible to start feeding it once a day, however you can continue to divide the meal in two offering half in the morning and half at night.

If you are not sure about what to do you can always ask a veterinarian for recommendations on feeding your yorkie.

It is still recommended that you supplement your Yorkshire terriers diet with nutrients and vitamins.

Feeding Senior Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkies have a long life expectancy, so most will make it to the over 7 age. There are some dog foods which have been designed specifically for older dogs and take into account their changing nutritional needs.

Senior Yorkshire terriers should have a diet that consists of higher carbohydrates which are easier to digest.

In all cases it is probably best to talk to your veterinarian to ensure that your Yorkshire terriers diet is providing the essential nutrients older yorkies need.


When deciding what to feed a Yorkshire Terrier you should read what the information on the packets says about size and age relation. Some packets will just describe the food as suitable for 'small' dogs, others for 'juniors'.

The Yorkshire Terrier diet should be fairly easy and economical to follow, afterall they are small dogs with relatively small appetites. Nutrition is an important subject that all dog owners should be aware of.

Do not shy away from the information you are faced with. A well balanced diet based around nutrition will benefit your dog in the long run.

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