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My daughter and I went to our local SPCA to rescue a medium size dog.

We have always had a pair of labs but the amount of food they eat was tough on our food bill.

We were looking for a companion for our lab after loosing our 16 year old lab that helped me raise 3 children, big shoes to fill.

In the small dog room was a yorkie that was cowering due to the other small dogs shrill barking.

I asked my daughter to take him out for a walk. We ended taking him home that day. He was a clown, a goof and my shadow.

He loved our life, our farm, and our labrador. We had him 5 years when my daughter coming up the drive from college for the week end could not stop in time and hit him.

He died at the vets 30 minutes later. My daughter is crushed as am I. I do not want her to feel bad and I do not blame her. I do not want her to see my pain either.

I miss him terribly. He would jump in my lap and beg for attention. He slept on the floor by my bed.

He loved all our chores around the farm, feeding horses walking the trails what in the world am I going to do with out his clown like behavior his total devotion his loving nature?

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Aug 29, 2013
Hello from Germany
by: Andrea

So sorry to hear of your loss you must all be devastef. Your daughter mustn't blame herself it was an accident. My husband almost ran over our Yorker bit so long ago she heard him coming kids opened door and she ran out so this could have been easily us too! Time will pass but remember all the good times you had! Sending big hugs. Andrea xx

Aug 29, 2013
So sorry
by: Sophia

Hello, I am so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how you feel. I have a yorkie (Scooter) that seems to be a lot like your Nixie.

He is a character. Whenever I decide to let him go outside I have him on a leash at all times right beside me.

I can't help it because the same could happen to him. They are so fast and quick to get away from you. My house is big enough for him to run around in.

Maybe you can find you another baby someday. They are precious. Mine is so spoiled by my whole family.

Tell your daughter that it's not her fault. I know it hurts but that was beyond her control.

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