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Why Yorkshire Terriers?

Why did I decide to do my website on Yorkshire terriers you ask? Well the best thing about working from home on a website is that you can do it on whatever you want.

This can be your passion, hobby or favorite pastime. In my case I came up with Yorkshire terriers because they are my passion!!

We own a little yorkie called Harry.

One day I was browsing the net looking for information on Yorkshire terriers and could not find what I needed. I decided to do a website on yorkies to help anyone else who is looking for information!

I would like to tell you all the story behind this website and how I went from working a 9-5 job to working at home on this great yorkshire terriers website.

My journey starts with a desperate search to find a way to get out of the corporate rat race.

I am 24 years old and 2 years out of university. For the 2 years I have been out of uni I have been working in an office and about 1 year in I realized that this wasn’t for me!!

I took a 3 month sabbatical to get away from it all and travel a bit around Spain but as soon as it started it was over and I had to get back to the dreaded office!

I soon realized that I could not carry on like this. I was very bored in my office job and needed to find a way to combine work with travel.

At this point I came across Rosalind Gardiner’s website and started reading all about affiliate marketing through websites. I thought it was great! What better way to make money than building a website and just basically advertising to earn commissions.

This work could be done from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection and a laptop. I decided to find out more and bought her e-book, “How I made $400,000 in a year” . Rosalind is a highly regarded Super Affiliate. In her book she tells her story of how she quit her government job two years after she started to play around with websites.

Affiliate Marketing…

Through this book I learned a lot about the process of affiliate marketing, however I still had no idea on how to actually go about creating a website. Even though I consider myself pretty computer literate I knew absolutely nothing about web design, web hosting or any of the other things associated with building a website.

Therefore, my next search was for information on all these things. I read a lot of information on it but it all still seemed rather complicated and I was not sure whether I would be able to carry all of this off.

And Then…

I came across a program called site buid it!

Since I started using SBI! I have not looked back. SBI! Is a complete package which covers everything you need to become successful online.

The first thing I read was a free book available to download called the affiliate masters handbook . It was a great read and this lead me to read every little bit of information I could get my hands on which had anything to do with SBI!

I was still skeptical about the whole thing, but what kept me going was the fact that I do not want to work in an office for the rest of my life in a job I do not even enjoy!!

I carried on reading up about how to build my own web business and pretty soon I was hooked on the idea. Take the SBI! Quick Tour to learn more about it.

I soon learned that a successful website requires targeted visitors. I mean if you have no visitors you have no business!! Don’t worry using SBI! you will succeed in bringing the visitors to your site. Look how my number of visitors have grown since I first started using SBI!:

  • Dec 2005 – 59 visitors
  • Jan 2006 – 288 visitors
  • Feb 2006 – 461 visitors
  • Mar 2006 – 986 visitors
  • Apr 2006 - 941 visitors
  • May 2006 - 1120 visitors
  • Jun 2006 - 1226 visitors
  • Jul 2006 - 1578 visitors

Edited to add visitor numbers in 2010:

Jan 2010 - 12161

Feb 2010 - 11239

Mar 2010 - 11683

Apr 2010 - 11997

May 2010 - 12151

Jun 2010 - 12046

Jul 2010 - 13388

Aug 2010 - 14893

Sept 2010 - 13821

Oct 2010 - 15074


As you can see the visitors keep on growing every month and you can see the jump in visitors my website has had since 2006. This is just the beginning!

If you need further proof you can check out the SBI! Results or case studies to read about others who have succeeded. What did it for me was reading about the special free(dom) prize that each SBI! package contains.

If you are one of the many who are interested in learning more you can either contact me through the form on my site, or alternatively you can contact one of the SBI! advisors directly.

Remember, if you make the decision to start your own website, it can be on whatever you want!

I am now extremely happy. I make a living writing about Yorkshire terriers! I love my job :)

Whatever decision you make I wish you the very best

Melanie :)

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