My Yorkies lick everything! :)

by Mike Dye
(Aberdeen, MD, USA)


I'm a owner of three (3) Yorkies (Molly, Kaily and Maggie) and all three constitantly love to lick the sofa, the sheets/cover on the bed, inside the wooden legs of the coffee table and YES, even the arms, legs, and faces of their human mom and dad.

Is this normal of Yorkies?


Yorkies are known to lick quite a bit. Now I don't know your situation and whether the licking seems too excessive, but dogs might take to licking for many reasons.

They sometimes do this for attention, because they are bored, maybe thirsty, or it might simply be their way of investigating.

You could try using something like bitter apple for dogs, which does not have the most pleasant taste to discourage your yorkies from licking the furniture.

If it seems like this is not stop their behaviour, you might want to consider asking a vet for professional advice.

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