My yorkie Echo0o0o0o

by c.maurer

Hello all you beautiful yorkie lovers.Not sure if you read my story about my Schatzie I lost in oct of 2010.

I have recently adopted a 7 week old 1.3 lb lil female yorkie.

We named her Echo.It seemed to fit her well.She never does anything once, In fact she can do something 20 times before i get up to scold her.

Such as the time she somehow managed to fold a huge area rug in half by pulling the edge off as she went.This rug must weight 20lbs.How did she do that?

sheesh and I was only gone for not even 5 minutes to stir something in the kitchen.

She is very vocal as well.If your holding her and not looking at her or paying her attention I'm very sure she is telling me off in her own lil language.

I say Echo, don't talk to me like that, and she will take her lil paw and cover her eyes.How do you get upset when they are so cute like that.

There are so many cute lil things she does I wish I could put a video on here to show you,as I'm not very good with words.

Like when I made a lil tutu for her, put it on her, she looked so cute. I put a lil bow in her hair. Took her to my husband to show her cuteness.

Set her on the floor and said ahh look she's dancing!!! My husband said no she's trying to rip it off. haha I hate admitting when he is right but 3 seconds later she was all tangled up in a world of pink and cussing me in that lil language I was talking about.

Ok I'll end here.Please vote for Echo. She has to be the cutest :)


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