My Yorkie Chihuahua Mix - Sushi

by Bree Green

His first trip to the groomers!

His first trip to the groomers!

His first trip to the groomers!
Just being a cute little guy

I was under the impression I was purchasing a full breed Yorkie, and he was shipped to me however when I got him I noticed his muzzle was a little longer than most yorkies.

He still had yorkie coloring, and fur texture and was only 8 weeks old so I waited to see how he's progress.

He is currently 3 months and I finally hassled his breeder into telling me he is a Chihuahua and Yorkie mix, due to their Chihuahua and Male yorkie both mating with the Female yorkie when she was in heat, and as you can see the Chihuahua must have been the actual dad.

Sushi is very yappy while he is being crate trained but when he is outside of his crate he is mostly playful.

He is not as easy to train due to being stubborn, although when I take him outside he will go potty...and then come back inside and potty on the floor.

He is very lovable however and is estimated to weigh 3 lbs full grown.

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