My Yorkie Chihuahua mix - Hero

Hero is lovable and adored by every one he encounters!

Loves to investigate every new place we happen to visit or new route of walk.

He is a very finicky eater and prone to severe acid reflux. So treats and human food are almost nonexistent for the Hero.

The one indulgence he has not gotten bored of "bully sticks". Hero goes thru 3 a week and entertains himself by hiding them during the day, only to hunt for them before sleeping.

Easily trained and as most humans with a pet, I swear he understands every word I speak ;)
this breed requires all ur love and attention!!!

He was a gift and cannot imagine what it was like before ...

Hero will be four in April, his vet said I can expect to have him for 18 to 20 years !

This is not a breed for children, kids move abrubtly and loudly which sets a chorkie to barking and nipping, to let you know he is there!

Hero is well socialized and I do stress the importance of socializing and obedience training for all breeds of k-9's

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