My Snorkie - Bear

by Amber

He loves his clothes

He loves his clothes

He loves his clothes

I love my Snorkie! He is like a child that I never had, he's so spoiled too!

-- For you to hold his chew bones or dog biscuits while he takes off little bites at a time.

-- to lick on ears, wearing clothes, car rides, walks, fetch, and doing tricks.

--playfully growling and barking with my madre, she'll growl & bark while holding his bone. he'll bark, growl & hop around while doing this, he'll act like he's going to take the bone but turns his nose up and does this funny sidebark/howl

--Running and sometimes leaping (hopping) in the middle of a run

--He is very lovable, cuddling close when he lays besides you, very friendly he thinks he is the greeter at our door.

- He has a face of a Yorkie but the build and hair type of schnauzer.

--When you take his collar off he looks depressed (he likes the jingle from his dog tags).

-- He expects a little treat from the store if you come home carrying bags in your hand.

What amazes people is he likes to open empty water bottles, clean emptied pill bottles and such!

As soon as he has the lid off he's done with it until you put the lid back on.

I wouldn't trade Bear for anything!

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