My name is Snoopy and I am Not a Beagle!

by Johnna Kelly

Looking Sharp!

Looking Sharp!


By Snoopy Kelly

Yes, my name is Snoopy and I am not a beagle! Everyone wonders? I am probably one of the cutest dogs you have ever seen!

I am a brown, black, tan and silver four year old, 8 lb., Yorkshire Terrier. I have the credentials to prove I'm quite a guy!

MY dad's name was "Charlie Brown", imagine that?

Anyway, I got the name "Snoopy" because they said I was pretty inquisitive. Yes, I do like to be "in" on most everything.

When my owners picked me I did a real, great impersonation of what a quiet, demure puppy would look like. Funny, because I'm the exact opposite!

I am an amazing runner. When the mailman is expected, I can dash around the house, you would not believe. I have a routine. When he appears down the street I jump off my window seat and go around and around the middle of the house from living room to hall to kitchen like lightening.

I can keep this up for an hour! There is something about that mail bag that smells wrong to me.

In fact the whole mail situation, Fed Ex, UPS, etc.,that makes me nuts. I can smell one of those trucks no matter where I am. Pretty smart,huh!

I am treated very well around my house.I require it! I have these 2 ..Tom and Johnna "wrapped"!

I have an extensive wardrobe. I like to be ready for any occasion.

I have a yellow sailor suit, a Derek Jeter tee, a red muscle shirt, a brown slicker and a leather bomber jacket, to name a few.

I even have my own suitcase for trips. They take me everywhere. I have been from Maine to Florida. I have a stroller too. It's called "Outward Hound" and people just love to see me in it.

After all, I get tired walking and Tom hates that slingback deal he used to have to use! Once when we went to the beach, I attracted a group of about 9 or 10 kids following me like a parade. I do try to act sweet around kids. They can be cool throwing balls and chasing toys!

A funny story about me involved Johnna trying to "train me".

One day I was just hanging out at my window sill when I see this van pull up. I couldn't make out the writing on it, but, there was a picture of a running dog who was barking.

A lady stepped out with a black raincoat and briefcase. She looked an awful lot like the "Exorcist". Later on, I found out she really was..and, for dogs!

Anyway, she comes up to my house and rings the bell. I want you to know that I am an ace barker. I laugh myself silly, because people get scared when they hear me. Seeing me is another thing!

That lady had a smell about her that made my nose suspicious and my ears stand up. I have awesome ears!

She comes into my house and opens the briefcase. She pulls out what I thought was a toy. I bark and she proceeds to throw this frisbee thing in front of me and yells, "bah" in a nasty, deep voice.

All of a sudden I get it! I'm supposed to be scared and stop barking. Johnna seems impressed, but, my Tom who I can always count on, just laughs.

I think they spent a lot of money on all this training, but, in the end Tom didn't cooperate. He always falls for my "I'm just a tiny, helpless baby routine".

I have many more stories about my adventures that I can share, but, that's it for now. I know you'll want to know more. So, just ask!

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