My Little Chorkie Star Angel

by My Star Angel
(Lakeland, FL)

My little girl is a Chorkie her name is Star Angel.

She was given to me from my niece and daughter. They got her from a lady "Free to good home".

She is so adorable and a good little girl. She is protective and a fiesty little thing.

She is definately the boss of the male poodles. I have to watch her closely she tries to act like the big dogs and sees no danger.

She is nosy and she can be a whiner but it's usually when she needs me to do something for her or she wants to be held.

She is good with children she loves my 6 yr old grand-daughter and perfers her sometimes over me. She loves people but not all dogs. She demands attention from my friends and will go after the biggest dog she can.

She is the best gift I've ever gotten. I love her so much and will cherish her forever.

These photos aren't the best of her but gives an idea. She has a cute mask face and looks like a beautiful feminine fox as she swirls around with her body and tail.

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