My Female Morkie - Amaia

by Stephanie
(Puerto Rico)

Amaia Dic.2011

Amaia Dic.2011

Amaia Dic.2011
Amaia in the garden
Amaia's babies with my Yorkie boy... babies are Morkie mom-Yorkie dad

My female Morkie Amaia is the second dog I have ever had. I rescued her from a home that didn't want her because she was too playful, absurding! -_-

I went for her and we started training her, she learned very fast!! She is the one that brings happines to our home and to my Yorkie boy.

She is always playing and obligating my Yorkie to play with her, running, bitting him for fun, eating her own toys, waking us up in the morning, she loves to jump like a trampoling....oohhh she does so many funny things that it's impossible not to love her.

Oh and she had babies from my Yorkie boy, after this, she got sterilized.

Now she is almost 2 years and she is still very playful.

Some bad things she has done: bit my sofa wih only 3 months of buyin it, bit all around my bedroom and we are still paying it, break a new PSP Game, bit all her new bows, done pipi on the sofa, and so much more... but still we love her and I won't give her away for anything in this life!

Kisses to all Morkie doggies!!

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