My Chorkie - lacy

by Kay
(Bee, NE USA)

My Chorie is very lovable, yippie, and sometimes aggressive if she does not get her way.

She Stinks! Even if you bathe her every two weeks, as soon as she runs outside she stinks!

We have tried everything from changing her diet to doggie wipes. The doggie wipes work for a little while but just as soon as she gets warm, she stinks again.

She is a great lap dog, loves to be loved, and makes a great companion, she even tolerates the grand-kids.

She just has this odor problem, the vet said it's glandular and to limit her diet to easily digestible proteins but she still smells.

I also have a spitz, she is a bit bigger but has very little odor.

Would I recomend a yorkie-chihuahua mix....yes, I still love the stinky little bugger.

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